Electronic repairs or PCB problems? You need to go no further than Soundbyte! The  highly qualified team there are all ready and waiting for you!


Welcome to 2018!  After the mad festive gigging season, it’s a perfect time to sort out your gear – seeing as January is normally a quiet month! SO, bring in your broken and unwanted bits and pieces that need electronic repairs and let us help you get your gear back into shape! We look forward to seeing you!


Situated in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Soundbyte is in the hub of the city.  The electronic repairs workshop is easily accessible and right next to TOMS Music Shop.

electronic repairs

Michael and his team of dedicated, qualified engineers all are 100% committed to ensuring you get the best possible service  in electronic repairs.  In the Music Industry, you cannot afford to perform with sub standard gear.  The Soundbyte team understand this more than most.  It is vital that you have the best sound possible for your performance.  You simply cannot have your gear let you down.

electronic repairs

‘The SOUND is KING ‘ were the words of one of the Music Industry’s great doyens.  You could be one of the greats, but with a faulty system needing electronic repairs, you will get overlooked.  We can ensure that this will not be the case, and therefore we strive daily to help you get to the heights you deserve.  There is no doubt that this is one of the world’s most difficult occupations.  As a result,  you have to be on top of your game all the time, so let Soundbyte help!

The Soundbyte team do all audio electronic repairs, including but not limited to keyboards, PA’s, amplifiers, speakers, desks… and PCB boards, both industrial and domestic. (For e.g. electric gate controllers!)  The turnaround time is excellent and the cost of repair is below par in the industry.